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Celebration is an integral part of our life.  We always find an excuse to celebrate anything.  Weddings just happen to be the best celebration in existence!  We love the colors.  the emotions.  the commitment.  The laughter and joy.  so many reasons we love photographing weddings!

On a much deeper level, we believe with our whole heart that marriage is the most important relationship.  As Christ followers, we believe that marriage is a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for humanity.  As marriage photographers, it is our hearts desire to celebrate your relationship -- not only your epic party.



Mik & Ashley
Des Moines, iowa

Josh & Jennifer are
effortless. we are so thankful for our experience with them.
It was A+ service from beginning to the end!

Michael & Kira
Arnolds Park, iowa

absolutely stunning!
josh and Jennifer really captured the love and fun times of the day!

Ben & Anna
Phoenix, Arizona

chance meeting = perfect photographers!
They both have an amazing eye for photography, yet are so different which makes it that much better.

Nate & Liz
Des Moines, iowa

josh and Jennifer are such talented and loving individuals.  they made everything so fun and simultaneously meaningful.

Chris & Susan
Scottsdale, Arizona

They are absolutely
delightful.  Jennifer is joyous, and Josh is quick witted and unflappable.  When they work they compliment each other perfectly.

Geoff & Jessica
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Josh and Jennifer did a great job at making the picture process as smooth as we could ever imagine!

Blane & Melody
Marshalltown, iowa

Josh and Jennifer don't try to change who you are.  Their photography only enhances the beauty between you and your loved one.

* all wedding colections include high resolution digital files with printing rights hosted on an online gallery for easy sharing with friends and family.