incandescently happy

completely and perfectly and

Jane Austen

we knew of each other for years before we actually met.  adam, our brother-in-law, was quite persistent that we meet, even though our initial interaction at their wedding years ago was less than monumental.  as it would turn out in the summer of 2010, i (josh) crashed family vacation in iowa, where adam orchestrated a one-on-one between the two of us. despite being put in the basement for the night, next to the creepy furnace light, a spark was ignited.

before we even began dating, i won her over with an orchid (her favorite) sent to her home a day before i came up for her birthday.  that same weekend, i scored my hottest girlfriend ever.

six months of long distance dating turned us into champion conversationalists.  we could talk for hours about ministry, jesus' work in our lives, and obviously photography.  josh was this shy, cute, texas boy with a southern accent.  jennifer was this fun-loving, driven, wears-her-heart-on-her-sleeve girl that could melt your heart with her smile.

we both had always had the value of not dating a fellow creative, but somehow this worked for us.  it was meant to be.

sometimes, you have to take a closer look...

Our Love Story

about josh & jennifer

Fun Facts

we have the same favorite
gelato shop in rome, italy but
have never been there together.

our family is happiest when outdoors together.

we're foodies.
is it a real date
without food!?

we can't imagine not
working together.

josh can out shop jennifer
any day.

color is essential in our lives.

thanks to our girls,
we love baby giggles, and all things pink and glittery.

together, we have been
shooting photography for
over 40 years.

we aspire to live 2 Cor. 5:7
"we walk by faith not by sight"

we are legitimately best friends.

a bit more about josh

if cleaning was
an art form, i'd be

when i was a kid,
i wanted to be a
national geographic

the bedtime routine is
practically sacred time
with my daughters.

proudly an
eagle scout.

everything can fit
in a system,
if i try hard enough.

gelato is an essential
food group.

i'm giddy about
good architecture.

i have my BFA from
Iowa state university.

i will do just
about anything to
get the shot.

a bit more about jennifer

shiny things make me
happy.  good friends make me happier.

a new part of me came
alive when i became a mom.
i love my little girls.

my happy place:
teaching bible studies, being creative in the kitchen, and painting in the studio

glamping dreams.
goal: a swanky rv someday

a part of my soul will always
live at Lake okoboji.

i have never made it
through a wedding without crying at least once.

i studied photography and painting at the school of the art institute of chicago.

baking is a
stress reliever.

i picked up photography in
high school, and was in love with shooting weddings by 19.


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